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For more than 200 years, vaccines have been part of humanity's fight against disease. At such an important moment like this, Megacable decided to join this great battle against Covid-19.


In collaboration with UNO The Thinking Partners, we created the "Vacunadito" campaign, a 360 strategy with a strong impact in the national territory, where we encourage vaccination with the humorous touch that characterizes Megacable.

Director – Andrés Borda

Creative Director - Diego Zárraga

Producer Excecutive – Rodrigo de la Mora

Strategic Planner - Federico Zayas

Producer – Marifer Luna

Assistant Producer - May Toussaint

Dp - Esteban Sánchez

Art Director - Liud Medina

Talent - La Fatshionista

Talent - Jonathan 

Soundman - Agustin Enriquez
Stylist - Ismene González
Make Up and Hair - Adrián Ruga

Editor – Daniel Villaseñor

Director Designer - Paco Hernández

Photographer – Bernardo García

Photo Retouch - Zac Rivas

Vacunadito_Mesa de trabajo 1 (1)
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Megacable - Vacunadito
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