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Privacy Notice

Based on the regulations established by the “Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties” (LAW) and on the “Regulations to the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Private Parties” (REGULATION), as well as in the specifications and parameters provided in the guidelines of the Privacy Notice published in the Official Gazette of the Federation; known socially and commercially and identified for the purposes of this Privacy Notice as "WWWE", makes the terms of this Comprehensive Privacy Notice for the Protection of Personal Data (Privacy Notice) available to the public.
 Responsible for Personal Data.
The person responsible for the reception, handling and safeguarding of the information will be "WWWE", information that will be used based on the treatment and purposes that are foreseen throughout this Privacy Notice. The obligation to care for the information may be shared, when it is foreseen in the negotiation with third parties and it is duly regulated by means of a private instrument that thus protects it, making it known to the owner of the personal data, who must express their consent.
 Personal Data Collected.
"WWWE" will request from its clients, suppliers and service providers the following information: name, marital status, age, home address, postal code, telephone number, email, date of birth, place of birth, level of education, aliases or identification name in social networks (facebook, twitter, instagram, as well as all those that are used by the owner from moment to moment and are provided by him), copy of official identification, images by means of copies of identifications , unique CURP population registry key, federal taxpayer registry RFC, nationality, name or designation of the workplace, address of the workplace, position or position held.
Likewise, “WWWE” will request from its workers and from the people with whom it has a direct employment relationship the following information: name, date of birth, place of birth, home address, telephone, email, unique population registration code ( CURP), federal taxpayer registry (RFC), marital status, criminal record, birth certificate, proof of address, letters of recommendation, school level and educational trajectory, title or certificate that supports the level of education, autograph signature, number of Social Security, INFONAVIT credit number, driver's license and photographs through copies of official IDs.

The data specified in the two previous paragraphs are specified for communication purposes, not representing an obligation of the owner to provide all the aforementioned data or of the person in charge of collecting them, since this will depend on each act, fact, situation or circumstance that occurs between the parties .

"WWWE" will not collect personal data through social networks or website, so at no time should the user provide personal, financial or sensitive data through social networks or the website that are used at the moment at the moment to the person in charge or users who make go through this. In the event that any person provides information within the social networks or internet page in which “WWWE” participates as a user or impersonates it, the information provided does not constitute or form part of the Personal Data subject to protection of this Privacy Notice, being the responsibility of the company that provides that platform (of the company that manages or to whom the social network and / or website in question belongs) and of who publishes it.
 Purpose of the Use of Information.
Through this privacy notice "WWWE" declares that the personal data requested and collected will have the purpose of: (a) identifying the client, (b) sending him all the information regarding the products offered, (c) informing him of the events, promotions, offers, birthday greetings, quality evaluation, internal studies on consumption habits and other relevant advertising events, (d) corroborate the information provided in the order request for the decision to approve or reject the order and purchase of the product, (e) identify the customer, user, supplier or service provider, (f) analyze the customer, user, supplier or service provider, (g) provide a better service and deal with the customer, supplier or service provider, (h) integration of the information file of our, client, user, supplier or service provider for future consultations and background, (i) to comply iment to obligations of a fiscal or commercial nature, (j) for the purpose of communication with partners, clients, users, suppliers or service providers, (k) granting incentives or recognitions to our clients, users, suppliers or service providers, (l) attention to queries, doubts, clarifications or complaints, (m) for the conclusion of contracts / agreements, (n) registration and conservation of databases, (o) for security purposes, (p) for promotion, commercial prospecting, marketing and advertising of the person in charge.
The personal data requested from its workers by “WWWE” will have the purpose of: (1) identifying the collaborator candidate (2) analyzing the collaborator candidate to be hired (3) providing due attention and treatment with the collaborator (4 ) integration of the information file of the collaborator candidate for future consultations and antecedents (5) to comply with fiscal, commercial and labor obligations (6) for the purposes of communication with the collaborator (7) granting incentives or recognitions to our collaborator (8) attention to queries, doubts, clarifications or complaints.
 Confidentiality and Limitations

"WWWE" guarantees by means of all administrative, technical and physical security measures to protect your information, guaranteeing at all times strict confidentiality and privacy of the information through the implementation of security measures and information control, as well as contractually stipulated, subject to the parameters of the LAW and its REGULATIONS and other applicable regulations. In addition to the foregoing, "WWWE" will manage and safeguard the Personal Data obtained through databases, which are managed solely and exclusively by the persons designated for such purposes, restricting all types of access to unauthorized persons, and under no circumstances will it sell , rent or sell information related to your personal data or share, transmit or transfer them without the consent of the owner. The databases are protected at all times by computer security systems, in order to restrict access or processing of information to outsiders and / or unauthorized third parties.
In the event that the owner wishes to limit the use or disclosure of their Personal Data, in relation to one or more of the formalities for the processing of Personal Data, they may send the respective request in accordance with the procedure provided in the ARCO Rights module of this Notice Of privacy.

 Transfer of Personal Data.
"WWWE" may transfer your personal data to third parties when you have the express consent of the owner of the personal data. Likewise, we inform you that such third parties assume the same obligations and responsibilities regarding your personal data in terms of this Privacy Notice and the principles of protection of personal data provided for in the LAW and its REGULATIONS. When the information must be transferred to an authority due to compliance with a law, the consent of the owner should not be requested, as well as when the contractual relationship exists and it is the responsibility of the person responsible to transmit said information to a certain authority in order to comply with any of the contracts. celebrated with the holder.

Attention to Doubts and Claims.
Email:, for the attention of doubts or claims, as well as for the follow-up of the ARCO Rights procedure in favor of the owner of the personal data.

 ARCO Rights (Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition)
The Owner of the Personal Data by herself or through her duly accredited Legal Representative may initiate the ARCO Rights procedure in order to demand due attention to your Personal Data, as well as request the termination of the use of your information. "WWWE" as the person in charge undertakes to carry out the procedure as stipulated in the LAW and its REGULATIONS. Such procedure may be released in writing at the address indicated in this Privacy Notice in the section for attention to doubts and claims, as well as by email in the account indicated there.
The ARCO rights procedure is duly explained in the ARCO Rights Module that "WWWE" makes available to you on the website or physically at its offices and which is required by the owner of the Rights if required either physically or electronically as long as it is related to the "WWWE" owner."WWWE" informs you that once all the means that we make available to you and without having received a satisfactory response have been exhausted, you can initiate the procedure for the Protection of Rights before the National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (INAI ) whose electronic link is ( and / or ( within 15 days of receipt or lack of response to your request.

Manifestation of consent

In order for "WWWE" to carry out the processing of your personal data, you must grant us express and / or tacit acceptance for such processing, which will be carried out as follows:
Express Acceptance.- In accordance with the provisions of numeral 8 of the Law, it will be understood that you expressed your express consent for "WWWE" to process your personal data when you express your will verbally, in writing, by electronic means, optical or by any other technology. "WWWE" will make this Privacy Notice available to you through its website and / or by request to the email with the primary purpose that you know its content, grant and / or deny your consent.

When the personal data is obtained personally from the owner, "WWWE" will make this Privacy Notice available to you prior to the collection of Personal Data and in a clear and reliable way by means of the formats and means indicated in the this Privacy Notice. In addition, "WWWE" will seek the acceptance of the consent of the owner to submit said data to the purposes of the treatment established in this Privacy Notice.

Tacit Acceptance.- In accordance with numeral 8 of the Law, the content of this Privacy Notice, as well as any modification to it, will be made known by any of the means established in this Privacy Notice for such purposes and if not You express opposition to the content and scope of the same within a period of 05 (five) days counted from when "WWWE" makes this Privacy Notice or its modifications available to you, it will be understood that you grant your tacit consent so that " WWWE ”process your personal data based on the purposes of the treatment established in this Privacy Notice.

Retroactive Acceptance.- For all our clients, users, service providers, suppliers and / or holders of personal data who have provided us with their personal data on dates prior to the publication of this Privacy Notice, the following will be made available to them. This Privacy Notice in accordance with the provisions of the preceding sections, in order to grant and / or deny your consent, whether express and / or tacit, so that "WWWE" can continue or not carry out the treatment of the personal data based on the purposes of the treatment established in this Privacy Notice, with the understanding that in the absence of any manifestation of opposition to the content and scope of this Privacy Notice at the time of having been at your disposal, tacitly You grant your consent to carry out the processing of your personal data based on this Privacy Notice.

Revocation of Consent

The revocation of consent in the handling of the information will proceed when you request it by your own right or through your duly accredited legal representative with power of attorney at the time of the exercise of your ARCO Rights, as long as a contractual relationship is not formalized in the terms agreed between the parties in writing and in accordance with the provisions of numerals 16, section II of the Law, 14, 30, 40, 41 and 42 of the Regulations.

Exclusion / Cancellation List

"WWWE" may not under any contractual circumstances retain the information of the owner of the personal data when it has been duly canceled with the planned procedure, except for the following causes: labor disagreements, criminal presumption, by legal provision and request of the Authority. Therefore, when the owner refuses to allow certain specific information to be processed by the person in charge, they must state it through the exclusion list section that we make available to you.

Regarding the foregoing, it will be the responsibility of "WWWE" in accordance with the legal specifications to retain the information; when it is regarding accounting information from 5 to 10 years as provided in the Federal Tax Code in its Art. 30 and in the case of commercial information 10 years as provided in Art. 46 of the Commercial Code. Once this period of time has expired, the information may be deleted.

Update and Modification of Privacy Notice


This Privacy Notice may be modified at any time, by notifying the website of the last update made, so that the holders of personal data can request the update carried out in accordance with the provisions of the "Attention a Doubts and Claims ”of this Privacy Notice.

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